Chibi characters

Every character is different

The different characters are the heart of Chibi
Army of Doom. A total of ten characters contest the
Could not be more different, the fight for the crown of the old
King's. So that the game never gets boring, everyone brings their own
skills with.

Every character in Chibi
Army of Doom was made by another artist from another country
designed. Apart from individual details such as the color palette or
Character class up to the artist as he likes the character
want to design. So be curious to see what these ten creative minds have come up with.

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As the daughter of the old king and princess of Syntharia at the same time, Ciri firmly believes that she can become the only true successor to the throne. ... [Continue reading]

At a small crossroads outside the city, there is a small house, it doesn't look like much from the outside. Just a tiny wooden sign with a ... [Continue reading]

On this cool summer evening, Lyra leaves the little shop in the middle of the forest. She glances left and right briefly to make sure no one sees her. She just bought a new polish for her armor ... [Continue reading]

She takes a deep breath, with the arrowhead she aims at the bush that has just rustled. As if in slow motion, she waits for the being that is hiding there to show itself. Your look is perfect.    [Continue reading]

 She began to grind her teeth with concentration. Suddenly she heard a noise. Was that he? ... [Continue reading] 

He now pays her a weekly visit, disguised as a woman, to sell this simpleton screws that he had stolen from her just a few days earlier. ... [Continue reading] 

"Miss, they are bleeding." Said a little boy hesitantly, pulling on Eve's skirt. Amazed, she looked down at herself. In fact, apparently she was hit by an arrow while she was ... [Continue reading]

“My dearest, you've been gone for over a year now and still no sign. What happened to you? ”Lost in thought, she sat in the cemetery on this full moon night and talked to a grave. [Continue reading]

Kite looks at the cards in his hand: 2 of hearts and 7 of diamonds, both riveted. The faces of his teammates darken. Apparently neither of them have anything to hand. Kite confidently says "All In" ... [Continue reading]

She was sitting at a table with a plush bunny, a cushion with a cylinder on which she had painted a beard and a robot-like thing made of pipes and other scrap ... [Continue reading]