Baraa, the barbarian

Baraa, the berserk


Name: Baraa (Barbara)

Age: 21

Zodiac sign: Aries

Date of birth: March 24th

Favorite food: fresh fish

Class: barbarian

Special features: can fish with the bare hand, too many bee stings on the tongue

Gifted at: anger, retribution


This time. This time she would get him! She placed the fish on a purpose-built grill over a small roaring fire. And then went into a small bush to observe the scenery. She began to grind her teeth in her concentration. Suddenly she heard a noise. Was that him? She looked around and saw an arrow stuck in a target in a treetop about 200 yards away, still vibrating from the impact. Apparently her neighbor was just doing her target practice again. She turned back to her fish. No! She ran out of her hiding place and let out a deep scream. How could it be that that stupid bear had slipped through her fingers again. For days he stole her beloved fish and she had to put up with barren berries. Enraged, she began pounding the nearest tree with her bare hands. Only when this fell over with a crash, could baraa calm down again. She slumped, her gaze fixed dimly on the river flowing past their small makeshift camp. As if it were yesterday, she pictured the dramatic scenes of her last mission. She had gone in search of the missing princess with her comrades of the knightly order. On the way they got caught in a heavy storm. While crossing a crumbling suspension bridge over a rushing mountain river, she slipped and fell into the rapids. This was followed by scenes that she can only remember in fragments.

Then blackness

The next thing she remembered was sunbeams on her face. Ever since she washed up here in this idyllic forest, she's had a hard time thinking, let alone communicating. A bee's nest had recently fallen on her head. The bees had pricked her tongue, so to this day she can no longer pronounce her own name correctly. Instead of "Barbara" she now only says "baraa“. But now she kind of likes the name. How exactly she got on the list for the tournament, she didn't know either. Still, she wanted to win, losing wasn't an option, not against the other contestants and especially not against this bear!

I tear you apart with my bare hands !!!




In the game

Baraa's strategy is simple and effective, "always hit hard". She runs towards her enemies from the start, hitting them hard as she does so. The longer she is involved in a fight, the stronger she becomes accordingly. Patience is definitely not their forte. Strategically speaking, she has the strongest late game of all characters in Chibi Army of Doom.

Baraa's role in the game is: DD and off-tank


Many of their abilities generate or consume Rage, which is an extra resource for baraa represents. Most often, she gains Rage when attacking, yelling, or being attacked. As her rage increases, all her attacks become stronger. It's even said to have happened before baraa was so angry that she could take out her enemies with a single blow.


One shouldn't get between baraa and its target, for it causes a swath of destruction on the battlefield. She can even easily destroy objects and obstacles. She shows such a strong will to fight that she does not want to accept death.

Nobody stands in my way, not even the path stands in my way.

About the artist

Bongji comes from the Philippines and has two Instagram accounts. While his Bongji_draws account is for chibis only, on Bongji_Art he features all of his other artwork.