Ciri the magician


Name: Ciri

Age: 15

Zodiac sign: Leo

Date of birth: August 05

Favorite food: custard

Class: Magician

Special features: princess, rich, likes sweets

Skilled in: fire magic, ice magic and arcane magic


As the daughter of the old king and at the same time princess of Syntharia, is Characteristic firmly convinced that she is the only true heir to the throne. She has already won something as silly as a tournament just by being there.

But Characteristic is not just a princess, even as a little girl great magical powers were discovered in her. So she took lessons from the best magicians and witches in the land. Her father, the king, spared no expense or effort so that the small Characteristic could develop best.

One day she traveled alone to the mountains. She secretly wanted to practice her skills there in order to impress her daddy. She accidentally locked herself in a block of ice. It was not until three years later that they found her there to free her.

I didn't ask how big the room was, I said FIREBALL !!!




In the game

Characteristic uses fire, ice and arcane abilities, the right combination of all 3 leads to victory. A good preparation is for Characteristic important, because a fully charged fireball can easily kill another character single-handedly.

Ciris Roles on the battlefield are: damage Dealers and Crowd Control


Fire skills are there to really heat up the enemy. These are the most aggressive damage cards of Characteristic.

Her most iconic weapon is the fireball. The longer she charges the fireball, the more dangerous it becomes Characteristic for all others.

Ice Cream

All ice cards have one thing in common, they slow down the game so other abilities of Characteristic can stay in the game longer. It can be incredibly exhausting for your enemies to be frozen to the ground every round.


The arcane spells are the exact opposite of the ice spells, they accelerate Characteristic and the game, where she can, for example, teleport to the other side of the battlefield or look for her best cards in her hand.

* all cards are watermarked. The texts are not displayed to prevent a copyright copy.

What can go wrong if you manipulate the time a little?

About the artist

Tsuciya lives in Indonesia and has tons of content on Instagram. Have a look at her.