Jack the rogue

Jack the rogue


Name: Jack

Age: 22

Zodiac sign: fish

Date of birth: February 22

Favorite food: Fried rice with mixed vegetables

Class: Rogue

Special properties: Charming, helps children, night owls, collects mini cuddly toys

Talented in: sneaking, stealing, shadowing


Upon exiting the spectacled snake's shop, Jack removes his disguise with a gallant gesture of the hand. The move seemed routine, as he now pays her a weekly visit disguised as an old woman to sell this simpleton screws he had stolen from her just a few days earlier.

Well deserved, he thought, after all she had once burned off his beloved beard. And why? Only because she couldn't handle her own potions. No one has the right to touch their beard, let alone set it on fire!

As he walked the dark forest path back into town, he juggled a small sack full of gold coins. With that little weight in his hand, he felt a lot freer. His cloak blew in the evening breeze. If there were two things that helped him relax, it was a good game of poker and a new stuffed animal. However, he only shared the latter information with selected people.


The children

A little later, Jack crept through the winding streets of downtown until he came to a shelter where several children had gathered around a fire. Their clothes were dirty and too cold for this time of year, but a big smile tugged at their mouths when they saw Jack. A little girl tugged at his coat and beamed at him with delight. Happy to see that she was okay, he squatted down beside her and held out the bag of money he had just acquired. The girl took it and hugged Jack. "Have you also Mr. Buffils she asked, her eyes shining. Jack nodded smiling "And he can't wait to play with you guys." He took a small pink rabbit stuffed animal out of his coat and handed it to the little one. She jumped away happily with it.

For those little kids, Jack got up every morning and made sure that the money the adults had too much went to those who needed it most. That's why he had written himself on the list of participants for the tournament. He wanted to bring this place back to its former glory.

"Psst, ... Nobody sees me, ... I am invisible."




In the game

Jack takes on a very peculiar role. While other characters brawl and use their best skills, Jack waits and watches. And then, just when no one is expecting Jack anymore, he shows up and gets the kill and the win. He also likes to help himself to his enemies' pockets as long as they do not notice him.

Jack's role in the game is: damage dealers and debuffer


All shadow abilities have one thing in common: you only notice them when it's too late. Hiding is probably the strongest, but also the most inconspicuous shadow ability of Jack, because as long as this Buff active, he is unassailable. In addition, he may draw an extra card each turn.


With his assassin skills, Jack can dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time. The more cards he has in hand, the more dangerous skills such as sneaky punch, or sneaky trick.

* all cards are watermarked. The texts are not displayed to prevent a copyright copy.

"I can count the number of people I can call friends on one hand, but you should be concerned about my other hand."

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