Kite the Gambler

Kite the Gambler


Name: kite

Age: 21

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Date of birth: September 11th

Favorite food: tomatoes

Class: Gambler

Special characteristics: likes magic tricks, charming, owns a domestic pig

Gifted in: deception, luck, shadow


No one at that corner table in the tavern knew what time it was, as they had all been sitting here for far too many hours. The view of the rest of the room is obscured by a haze, you can barely see the singer singing a song about her lost love in the background. Kite looks at the cards in his hand: 2 of hearts and 7 of diamonds, both riveting. The faces of his teammates darken. Apparently neither of them have anything on hand either. Kite confidently says “All In' and pushes an incredibly large pile of plastic chips into the middle of the table. For a moment he could see a glint in his teammate's right eye. "I call," he replied, pointing to a much higher stack of chips. Sweat was forming on Kite's forehead, he hadn't expected that. The other got out. He and his opponent looked deep into each other's eyes. Then he turned his cards over. "Two aces, and what do you have smaller?"

Kite still turned over his cards confidently, as if he could beat this hand. Everyone at the table started laughing. "Don't you want to give me all your money right away?" the opponent replied with a smug will to win. Undeterred, Kite took new courage: "The game is not over until the last card is drawn." And instructed the third player in the round to reveal five cards. 3 of spades, black 6, 4 of hearts and the king of diamonds. None of this was a 2 or a 7 and thus the hope of three of a kind was gone. While the last card was being drawn, Kite's opponent was already grabbing the money that was on the table. … 5 of diamonds … Kite couldn't believe it, against all odds he got a straight. He grinned at his opponent, stopping him from packing the money. He was not at all happy about the course of events. "This is cheating," he called across the common room, drawing a gun.

As if everyone in the bar had just been waiting for that cue, everyone in the room simultaneously drew a gun or weapons, aiming them at at least one other person in the room. Only Kite was unfamiliar with these customs and stood there with his arms raised. "Slow down boy, put the money back in the bag," he threatened Kite. He did as he was commanded.

The atmosphere was so tense you could hear every single chip Kite threw into the bag. Yes, suddenly the silence was broken by a grunt. The eyes of everyone in this room fell on the little domestic pig, which had just been sleeping in a small basket by the exit. Kite took advantage of this moment and grabbed a playing card from the table and threw it with all his might. His opponent's weapon was severed like a razor by the card. "Come on, Ricky," Kite called. The domestic pig jumped at the man and took the bag of chips from his hand. In the next moment you only heard the door of this tavern. Without leaving a trace Weder from Kite, the pig or the prize money.

"It is skill when Luck becomes a habit"




In the game

Anyone who likes chance and luck has found exactly the right character in Kite, because nobody knows what will happen before a card is played. This is due to the unique mechanics that kite brings with it. Because every card in Kite's deck has two effects. While the first effect occurs when played, the second effect is one that occurs when the card is discarded from the deck.

Kite's role in the game is primary damage Dealer, but with a bit of luck he can play any other role.


Kite's luck abilities usually have a condition that must be met. Usually the top card of the deck is put on the discard pile and something different happens depending on the type of card.



Kite's shadow cards are very tricky, allowing Kite to manipulate the cards in his hand, deck, or discard pile. In order to get a better result for his lucky cards.

"How much steel can you cut with a single playing card?"

About the artist

Bizzareblue comes from Australia. On her Instagram account she shows you all of her super cute creations.