Lydia the huntress

Lydia the hunter


Name: Lydia

Age: 17

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Birthday: 07.12.

Favorite food: deer with wild berry sauce

Class: Hunter

Special qualities: connected to nature, tattoos, loves to carve

Talents: setting traps, shooting a bow, reading trails


She takes a deep breath, aiming the arrowhead at the bush that just rustled. As if in slow motion, she waits for the creature hiding there to show itself. Your gaze is completely focused on it. And then, the moment, a millimeter shows itself. An angry woman stumbles out and screams as if pierced. Lydia lowers her bow in disappointment, but no dinner.

She sat back down and made the final cuts on her latest wooden sculpture. As she held these in her hands, her mind wandered. She never thought that she would ever strive for the crown. But someone had to protect the forest! More and more people went inside and destroyed this sacred nature. The other candidates had no interest in protecting this precious piece of earth. Lydia placed the newly carved crown on the shelf with her other figurines and gazed out the window of her tree house.

Click, one of your traps triggered. In a flash she had her bow in her hand again. He was cocked and she was ready to shoot. But it was just this simple-minded girl who had been around her for quite some time. This person didn't seem to understand that she wasn't welcome here, but she probably wasn't anywhere else either, so Lydia tolerated her. Just like that. She seemed strong and would be able to free herself from the bear trap again. From Lydia's point of view, there were two kinds of beings: useful ones, like the little clumsy one who supplied her with poisons for her arrows, and useless ones.
Well, it was time to train. Ignoring the screams of the angry ones below, she aimed for a wooden disk with rings of different colors on it. Before the untrained eye could even blink, the arrow was lodged in the center of the target. She was good and she knew it. For as long as she can remember she has been on her own and dependent on being good, but she knew that she couldn't underestimate her opponents. So she had to prepare more than usual.


A bad hunter hunts, a good hunter waits.




In the game

Lydia is a character that uses range to other characters and safely hides behind her own traps. Lydia always has to weigh up whether it makes sense to face the enemy face to face or whether she should perhaps retreat in order to finish off her enemy from a safe distance.

Her roles are: Ranged, DD, Control



She is adept at defeating her enemies from a distance. Lydia has the longest range of all characters and even gets bonuses when she is very far away from her enemies. She always has a clear view and can also target opponents who are hiding behind obstacles.



Lydia brings along a unique game mechanic with her traps. These traps are placed face down on the field and should another player step into them, the sometimes powerful effects of the trap are resolved. So that enemies also reliably step into the traps, Lydia can also push them in with her abilities such as the recoil shot.

You will never find my traps!

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About the artist

Emile Ni (emileczhen) comes from China, she shares her comic and manga drawings on Pixiv, everything else on Instagram.