Mia the mechanic

Mia Mechanic


Name: Mia

Age: 13

Zodiac: Aquarius

Date of birth: 06.02.

Favorite food: potato chips

Class: Mechanic

Special features: ingenious, crazy, can fix anything

Talented in: weapons, scrap


"How was your last business trip, Sir Reginald? ... So so, that sounds interesting, tell me more,” Mia said with interest. She was sitting at a table with a plush bunny, a pillow she put a top hat on and painted a beard on, and a robot-like construct she's been creating over the past few days made out of pipes and other junk. The pillow, Sir Reginald, seemed to answer. At least you could tell from Mia's reactions "uhh, ... ah'Wow, how did that happen?'
Unlike the run-down room, which looked more like a workshop than a living room, the table looked sumptuously set. There was a tea set on a pink tablecloth covered with ruffles, here and there you could see a few cracks in the porcelain, but these apparently were glued. Excitedly, Mia's gaze changed to the plush rabbit "Ohh but Mister Wuffels"You don't have any more tea, wait, I'll pour you some more." But before she could put her hands on the pot, the tea party was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Ohh I see we have a guest of honor today,” said Mia, jumped up and happily walked to the door.

A girl with turquoise hair was standing in front of it. Mia hugged her neck. "Ohh wow, it's so great that you came, we're having a party and you're our guest of honor today.” Before the other girl could say anything, Mia dragged her to the table. "And what would you like to drink, today we have tea from the athesian desert and coffee from the holy realm of Ahnoletaniers and well, moppel vomit, but you don't want that. Ah, I've got it, as a guest of honor you get the nectar of eternity." The guest noticed that there was absolutely nothing in all three cans that Mia pointed to. So it was true what they said about her, that although she was brilliant, she was also, unfortunately, crazy. After the fifth try, the shy girl finally managed to make herself heard. "I... I'm actually here because... well... I thought you could help me with this machine," pointing to an incredibly complicated contraption she had in her backpack until just now.

Mia jumped up when she saw the machine "woooow, that's a Bottler 9000, where did you get such a piece of jewelry from? Ok, it's in pretty bad shape, but I think you're just missing a screw or two... today is your lucky day, my big brother brought the right parts for it the other day.” Mia ran to the back of the room and rummaged in different drawers. There was a sound of small pieces of metal being thrown on the ground. A brief explosion shook the room. "Oops, sorry didn't know that that still worked," Mia apologized. After about ten minutes, she came back, slightly soiled and a little singed, and holding in her right hand a dazzling platinum gear wheel that was barely that big like her thumb. In her left hand she had a wrench and within a few seconds she had dismantled her guest's apparatus into all its individual parts and reassembled it. "Now it should work again, I even added an additional self-destruct button for you. After that is done, you must stay here until the end of my tea party and celebrate the return of Sir Reginald with us.” As Mia said this, she sat down again at the table and expected the same from her guest.

Explosions, ... we need more explosions !!!




In the game

Mia can build pretty much anything out of scrap. She has the most influence on the battlefield itself by creating obstacles or building towers. It all takes a lot of time, but if Mia stays on the field long enough, she's unstoppable.



"Scrap metal" -Cards primarily have no effect, but are considered a resource for all other abilities and can be easily recycled. Because whenever a "Scrap metal" card is discarded, it is shuffled back into the deck.


Mia can build powerful weapons. These explosive objects can quickly make the difference between victory and defeat. Whether rocket launchers, hand grenades or miniguns, there are no limits to destruction.


On the battlefield, Mia can not only set up fences to block the way, but also create towers or healing drones to make it even more difficult for her opponents to get to Mia.

Look, the bomb has your face.

About the artist

Monokuromu.inku comes from Poland and shows her daily drawings on Instagram.