Tour guide background

A journey through Syntharia

Tourist guide: "Thank you so much for having one Syntharia booked a tour with us. We are the best tourist guide in the whole region. I would like to ask you to buckle up. The ride might get turbulent, but don't worry. At every corner of our car there is a magician who can protect you from possible damage from flying arrows, spells and the like, or at least heal you again. Do not panic, from case to case it may happen that resuscitation What is cheaper than a healing spell. Our proven specialist staff always knows what is best for you.”

An uncertain murmur goes through the rows as the car starts to move.


Tourist guide: “On your left you see the famous mountain Quirks. Here we celebrate the annual state festival. Our beloved king Rorick proclaimed this festival many years ago. It's about realizing what you have. Appreciating the things in life we ​​have and not craving for the things we don't have. At this festival, the whole country always gathered here, each dressed in a completely different color, so that all the residents together look like a giant rainbow. Also king Rorick attended every year until he left us. Since then, the festival has not taken place, or at least not to the extent that we knew it. Only the elderly have come in recent years, soon this festival will probably be completely forgotten. Oh hello grandma! Oh be careful!

A fireball rushes toward the mountain out of nowhere and sets a tree on fire. The older woman, just referred to as grandma, begins to put out the burning tree, almost bored.

"Well, let's continue the tour. We now come to the main street of our beloved old town.”

Suddenly a blue ball forms around the car and everyone looks around. A woman had snuck up behind them and tried to steal from some of the visitors. The magician on the far left of the wagon had then erected a protective shield to force the woman to retreat. Just as surprisingly as she appeared, she disappeared again. Just as the tour guide was about to continue speaking, there was a bang on the other side of the car, a red-haired woman had bumped into the outside while dodging some arrows being fired at her. She bared her teeth, roared something unintelligible, and ran back in the direction the arrows had come, leaving a trail of destruction in the field. Shortly thereafter, there is a metallic clatter on the roof of the car.


"Well, maybe we have to take a different route after all." The tourist guide interrupted the chaotic hustle and bustle.

The car took them to a more secluded street. “Our next stop will be the castle. Until we get there, enjoy the view. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me."


"Excuse me, but the people over there look a bit sickly, are they all right?", a young man asked hesitantly.

"Oh the. Yes, they are zombies, we have a lot of them by now. But don't worry, they're harmless if nobody tells them otherwise."

The questioner nods, even more frightened than before "Sorry, but I would have to use the bathroom."

"In five minutes we'll take a short break, during which everyone can stretch their feet for a moment", replied the tourist guide.


Shortly thereafter, the car comes to could be shown and the unsettled guests get out. People spread out on all sides and look around. Some start talking to the locals.

"Hey! Don't drink that, you don't know what that is!" the tourist guide yells over the crowd "And what are you doing there? Don't play games of chance here, you can't trust that! "

A young lady padded back to the tourist guide. Her face has turned green and she is inevitably gagging. "I said don't drink that... Go over to her, she can help you.” And he points to a woman with white hair. She puts a hand on the sickly lady and the green color drained from her face again.

"Good Good back in the car, the tour continues.”

Everyone gathers back in the car and wants to drive on, but it won't start. Cursing, the driver gets out and checks the car. After a few minutes he comes back and announces: "We were sabotaged, someone tampered with the car and took individual parts."

“Unfortunately we have to end our tour here. Thank you for choosing Syntharia Tours have decided. Goodbye!" announces the tourist guide and disappears in a fog. The guests look puzzled because they are somewhere in nowhere.