How it all began Scaled

How it all began

Once upon a time there was a land where justice reigned, there was no poverty and power was indeed in the hands of a capable man. This country was Syntharia, which of king Rorick was ruled. He was a wise and good-natured man, loved by all residents Syntharias. But he never thought about what would happen once he was gone.

Everyone expected princess Characteristic would become his successor. But when her father died, she was nowhere to be found.
She was later found trapped in a block of ice in the mountains. The princess loved to play with her magic and had apparently frozen herself in the process; with no one around to help her. Although she was fine, this could not be over Syntharia to be said. With no one to turn to, the country descended into chaos. Many of the country's laws lost their value. The greed for power broke out in the people and there were many struggles for a better position in the society that had gotten out of control. This led to much suffering among the people and the desire for a worthy offspring for king Rorick got stronger and stronger.

Eventually, a method was agreed upon for appointing the new leader. A game, or rather a tournament, for the king's ancient crown was proclaimed. king Rorick always affectionately called his subjects his little ones Chibis, since they were pure and sweet in his eyes. Even if this could only be said to a limited extent about the majority of the population, it was decided in memory of the old, respected king that the games "Chibi Army of Doom".

The chance to win the crown attracted many participants. There were several rounds from which the best of the best have already emerged. We've reached the final. The future of the country will be decided here and now by you, dear participants. Each of you has proven that he or she has exceptional strength and was able to prevail against the other competitors. But this round will decide everything. Which one of you will be the new chief Syntharias? Will you live up to your new responsibilities or abuse your newfound power? It is entirely in your hands. Do your best and lead the country to a future that can rival the past. Bring peace back to your beloved homeland.