Lilly the necromancer

Lilly the necromancer


Name: Lily

Age: 386

Zodiac: Gemini

Date of birth: June 14th

Favorite food: pickles

Class: Necromancer

Special features: Dead outside, time shifted
Actions, horde of zombies

Gifted in: summoning, shadow, poison


Lilly sighed and placed a candy cane on the flower setting. "My love, you've been gone for over a year now and still no sign of you. What happened to you?” Lost in thought, she sat in the cemetery on this full moon night, talking to a grave. The scenery may be in for most others Syntharia seem strange, but Lilly has always been very lonely. She never had real friends. Therefore, she spent most of her time alone in the forest. Some might call it fate, others might call it coincidence, but when Lilly was 16, she found an occult book that she absolutely devoured. She learned all sorts of magical tricks. First of all, she started to make herself beautiful using the newly learned magic in order to be accepted and loved by the others, but unfortunately, at her age, the others were afraid of Lilly and her spooky magic. With no friends, Lilly retreated to the woods to be alone. Out of loneliness, she started making her own friends. Because in addition to the immortality, which taught her the magic from the book, she could now also raise the dead. "Zombies are practical," Lilly thought to herself, "they don't hate me, they don't insult me ​​and they don't bully me. On the contrary, they play with me what and when I want.”

For the past 300 years she has lived contentedly and happily with her little darlings in the forest nearby of the cemetery. Together with her "friends" she founded a small candy shop which had a reputation for making the best candy in the country. Even the princess often snuck out of her palace at night to have a snack. One of her bodyguards was a handsome young man whom Lilly had fallen head over heels in love with. So she enjoyed his presence every second Wednesday when he was looking for the princess again. Lilly allowed the princess to hide in her shop just to be alone with him. When he tragically died in a war, Lilly knew what to do. She used all her power to bring him back to life. But he was different. Unlike all of her other "friends," he still had a will of his own, so he rejoined the palace guard. For a while, however, neither he nor the princess has been coming to Lilly's shop, she is gradually becoming desperate.

Lilly got up from the grave and wanted to go back to her little shop. A sharp pain pierced her heart. She fell to her knees and began to cry. One of her favorites just got destroyed. But she loves all her little zombies. Why can nobody understand that?. This is the third this week. It used to be no problem, but since Lilly nun sent out her zombies to find her lost love, people seem to hate her just like they did back then. Then Lilly came up with the idea that would change her future. "What if I enter the grand tournament and win, then the palace guard will be mine and I can be with him forever?"

"All my friends, stand up and stay by my side"




In the game

Lilly is quite difficult to play in the game because you can control not just one, but up to 4 characters. On the other hand, if Lilly is in the right hands, you can take out enemies without getting a scratch. However, if you are not careful, the game can quickly be over.

Lilly's roles in the game are: zoning and damage Dealer


Lilly's most iconic weapon is her zombies, which she summons, controls and empowers with her summoning skills. When one zombie is destroyed, she already calls the next one. So as not to become a target yourself.


Lilly's shadow abilities ensure that Lilly can disappear just like the shadows themselves. To be able to watch from a safe distance how the others fight each other in order to triumph afterwards.



Once wounded by a poison ability, you take damage every turn. Therefore, poison skills fit perfectly into Lilly's kit. Although she doesn't do as much damage at the beginning as other characters, the longer the match lasts, the more dangerous Lilly becomes.

"It is hard to raise a whole family alone, not if they lay next to each other."

About the artist

Seiji606 comes from Thailand, you can marvel at all of her other works on her Instagram page.