game modes

Game modes in Chibi Army of Doom

In total we have 10 different game modes to ensure varied battles.





Battle Royale

The main mode in Chibi Army of Doom. The rules are simple. Everyone plays against everyone and in the end the last one alive wins. However, as this mode can often take a long time, as there are players who would rather hide in a corner and wait, we have designed other game modes to make the whole game more exciting.



Team Deathmatch

With the team Deathmatch two teams of two or more players are formed. The team that completely wiped out the other team wins. Some characters have support abilities that also apply to teammates, so choosing the right characters is incredibly game-changing. A mage teamed up with a rogue will not be as successful as a priest/berserker combo. In principle, the teams can also be used for all other modes, so there will be no extra explanation for this. If you want to play a mode in a team, then read the rules in the following paragraphs as if you were using only one character for each team.





10 crown tokens are distributed on the battlefield. The game ends when the last crown has been collected. The winner is the player who has the most crowns and is still alive at the time. However, since collecting a crown requires a basic action, each player must decide whether he wants to collect the crown or heal himself, for example.

This mode develops a certain momentum as all players want to kick the player who currently has the most crowns out of the match. It can sometimes make tactical sense not to pick up the last crown, or to stand on a crown with your character to prevent others from collecting it.




King of the Hill

A small zone is placed in the middle of the playing field. The player who manages to stay in this zone for 5 rounds wins. You only get a point for a completed round if you are still in the zone at the beginning of your turn. If you are attacked, you may be kicked out of the zone as each attack can have additional effects. This is where the candy deck comes in, it consists of 10 cards. While 4 of them have no effect, the other 6 cards have negative effects that are resolved immediately. The best thing to do is to let yourself be surprised as to what exactly these are.





One for All

In this game mode, a player mutates into a final boss because he plays alone against everyone else who is allowed to team up for it. But one player has some Buffs, to allow him to take it on alone with the others.




5 zones are placed evenly on the map. One point is awarded for each full lap held in this zone. If it's the first time you control that zone, you get an additional point. If this zone was occupied by an opponent in the previous round, you get another point. Defeating a character gives you 5 points. Whoever has 15 points first wins.

This mode is great for team rules, but then plays to 25 points.





end of the day

Only 10 game rounds are played in total. The player with the most life points after 10 rounds wins.

However, the player with the fewest life points gets to draw a king card in each round. From the 2nd round onwards, if a player has 20 life points at the start of their turn, they must draw a candy card.




Capture the Flag

This mode can only be played in teams. All players of a team start on one side and the other team on the other side of the field. Each team has a flag token in their base. This can be canceled with a basic action, as long as you carry the token you are not able to play counter cards. Whoever manages to carry the other team's flag token into their own base first wins.





kill master

Set a certain number of rounds or a certain amount of playing time at the beginning. 5 victory point tokens are distributed on the battlefield. You can collect them by walking over them. They bring the player a victory point. When all victory point tokens are collected, redistribute them on the battlefield, but always at least 2 ranges away from other characters or victory point markers.

When you defeat a character, you get all the victory points that character had up to that point. The player is then not eliminated, he shuffles all his cards in play into his deck and starts with his character at his starting point again, with full life.

Once the number of rounds is reached or the time runs out, the player with the most points wins.

This game mode is also suitable for endless games.





The Battle Royale mode is played, only there are hidden cards distributed on the battlefield, which are triggered like with the hunter when you step on them. Most of the time it's a powerful one Buff the one not in the buff zone must lie and lasts until the end of the game. But it can also be a trap. So think carefully about which gifts you want to accept and which not.




Bonus: deck builder

A overpowered Character not enough for you? Then try the best combination of two characters.
You can use this bonus rule if you have already played several games. In addition, this rule can be applied to any other game mode, so it is very flexible.

You can choose 2 characters before the game and build your own deck of 30 cards from the cards of these characters, each player takes the character from which there are more cards in the deck.
However, deck building has some rules.

Each deck must contain at least 4 commons (white diamond).
Each rare card (blue diamond) can be included a maximum of 2 times.
There can only be one legendary card (purple diamond) in the deck.